Thursday, 31 May 2012

Fairies Reunited is Launched...


As the years have passed by she has lost touch with many a fairy.
Hours are lost to daydreaming of their whereabouts ...she decided to take action or risk a life of decreased productivity.

She wants to get in touch... track and trace...reunite the fairies.

Can you help?   Do you have a Fairy?   Have you spotted one recently?

We must stick together in the PLIGHT TO REUNITE. 



Fairy News

Life has been busy in Studio 8 recently. On Saturday 26th May 'Exploring Narrative' opened in Hebden Bridge. A lovely 'Snug' Exhibition of fairies. A must see!

Work is now in Germany for the Summer Games Exhibition opening in Hannover tomorrow,0,2612.html

Friday, 25 May 2012

The very first Helaina Sharpley wire piece...

This week I've been reminiscing about the past six years and everything I've achieved in my little wire world.... Anyway, I remembered Tim Atkinson had taken photos of my very first piece, made in the Autumn of 2006 (the first year of my degree course.)  So I thought I'd share this with you...

This piece was inspired by St Annes on the Sea pier, as it was in the height of it's popularity (1890s ish.)  The pier unfortunately isn't as elegant as this now, but I work from photographs and so can choose the images which capture me the most.
It's funny to look back and see how wobbly my wirework was back then and so flat!  I'm glad I kept this piece so I can reflect on my development so far.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Other Art Fair....

This weekend I went to London, to have a nosey around The Other Art Fair.  Where I discovered typewriter artist Kiera Rathbone - you have to see them to believe them, as they're so intricate and detailed - very clever idea! 
Anywho, afterwards, we wandered to Green Park, through W1, where I discovered many beautiful and grand buildings, which may become wirework pieces one day - here are a few....

Monday, 7 May 2012

It has been an award winning few weeks at Studio 8...

First Helaina with her WOW factor award (3 times she's won it now) and if that wasn't enough she was also highly commended in the Gift Focus Award too ..both at BCTF! The fairies have a lot to live up to!
They won GOLD recently in the Craft & Design Selected Awards (specialist media) and were particularly delighted. Helaina and I are grateful for all our votes...thanks!!! Lucky ladies indeed.

"Samantha Bryan has won the Gold Award because her designs expressed a
sense of fun, tremendous imagination, creativity and attention to
detail, with even the smallest element thought through. Her
presentation was well considered and I admired her resourcefulness and
the wide range of materials she utilized. "
 Robin Younger (Specialist Media Judge )

New Fairy Images...

It has been a wee while since the fairies have made an appearance on
here.  So here are a few new pictures. They posed nicely for these.These along with other pictures and news will be on the website this